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桑原商店 飲食時のオーダー方法  【 How to order 】

By 2019.03.071月 25th, 2023Sake Store

Open:17:00 Close:21:00 (20:30 Last Order) Tuesday to Saturday


You can drink “Today’s sake” in refrigeration showcase.
Please choose what you like.

スタッフに、ご希望の日本酒を30ml, 60ml, 180mlのサイズでお伝えください。小さいサイズでの飲み比べがオススメです。 銘柄の他、味わいのキーワードをお伝えいただければ一緒にお選びすることもできます。

When you are ready, you can order the amount (30ml, 60ml, or 180ml) of sake to store staff.
Price (1fl oz=30ml) : 200yen~500yen / each kind of sake
It’s fun to taste various kinds of sake by small size to make comparisons or share 180ml sake with your frends.


Would you like something to eat?
A variety of local products sold in the store are used in the food menu.
You will be less likely to get drunk if you eat simple and light flavored dish while drinking.


Cash on delivery. (including tax)
Pick up your drinks and food or we bring the food to you when it’s ready. We accept prepaid transportation card, apple pay, and iD.


By warming sake(60ml-) to about 30-48degrees Celsius, the fragrance and deeper flavors of the sake are released.


If you drink beer sold at the sore, we charge 250yen for corkage.


The food products sold at the store are only to go.


This area is non-smoking.